Monday, April 1, 2019

if looks could kill

Killed in Action
100€ voucher giveaway winner

Killed in Action is based in Portugal. Owned and operated single handedly by Kia. Her love for lingerie vibes on the same wavelength as mine. She is a curator for brands such as Opaak, The Model Traitor, DSTM. Unapologetic strong sometimes bondage expired for women by women.

Her IG feed transcends feminism sex appeal and the ownership of ones' expression of intimacy through lingerie fashion.

I felt so blessed to be the 3rd place winner of her latest giveaway contest. 150€ was awared to the 1st place lucky winner. And 100€ to 2nd and 3rd (me ❤).

I hope her generosity will be returned a hundred folds. The genuine love she shows for each pieces she has chosen to offer in her shop reveals her strength and character, and also her passion for empowering women

As soon as she contacted me to announce i had won it felt like i gained a friend. Delivery of the prized package could have been challenging and hazardous but her  support and communication turned it into anticipation.

And when my ignition bodysuit arrived home. I poured myself a glass of rum, lighted some candles and lounge in awe in this unbelievable piece from La fille d'O.

The thinnest softest black opaque mesh-like material, 2 long shoulder straps that start from above the breast and meet in the middle of your spine, mid back. The front is very classic low on the hips and revealing low on the chest, giving side boobs a gorgeous sight. The waist fits like a glove because of the attachment underneath the back straps. And then this is where angels sang... the back

The design completely changes. Low rises are heightened, classic becomes risqué, opaque opens to revealing and all possible because of the detailed and genius architecture paired to the female body.

I knew i was going to love ignition. Im very thankful to Kia and Killed In Action for her gift, allowing me to afford this magnificent piece. And for introducing to new designers and aspirations in this wonderful world of lingerie

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Girl with a Pearl Thong

Bracli Lingerie

(Giveaway prized given by Brigade Mondaine)

If you are a like me, a lingerie addict who buys her own undergarments and works hard for her money, a giveaway is a dream. And sometimes dreams come true.

Brigade Mondaine, a Paris based lingerie curator who ships internationally, was having one. They have incredible deals in their sale section, and delivery is quick with no extra custom fees. I have been watching them for years for they hold such a wide range of luxurious lingerie brands. This is how i discovered Ruban Noir and Opaak amongst others. But more precisely this is how i became personally acquainted with Bracli Lingerie.

The giveaway contest was offering a lucky winner a beautiful pearl thong. I presumed a new sensory experience: a thong able to give clitoral stimulation as the pearl string attaches from the pubic bone to the tail bone. A high waist lace knickers with a satin bow in the back to attach (or detach) a naughty precious string.

Brigade Mondaine' representative contacted me via Instagram DM. A lingerie miracle had just happened, i was so very excited. 3 days later the precious package was delivered to my box.

Rapid, eco-friendly, luxurious and naughty. A personalized love note written in gold, a satin sachet containing the  item and a gift signature choker. It looked and felt expensive. I was in heaven. A lingerie gift.

Instead of wondering how this pearl thong worked, i tied it up and tried it on right away. omg! A label is needed: "Wear with caution". Stimulation can not be denied. Just the sight of it leaves no one unaffected.  White pearls soaked in flesh. Made for love. Self love or the kind that bask in kink and class.

But i still wondered about the name. I experienced firsthand the arousal and sexual excitement, but why the G mention?

So i searched and found that from the creators:


I was shocked and intrigued but thats material for another story

Lingerie has proven itself as such a learning tool. Teaching my preferences in  tactile sensation, my desire process and the pleasure of investing in myself, and also the intense intimacy that results by daring to nourish my passions.

Thank you Brigade Mondaine i hope i discover more epic lingerie with you.

Friday, November 23, 2018

treasures in my own backyard

Anja thong in animal print S
Dreamer bra in black M
Petra garter tank in white fishnet M
Basic high cut thong in white fishnet S
Kayleigh Peddie, 
(Montréal Québec, Canada)

Lingerie is something i tease myself with. I go in shops, i lurk online, i read blogs and i search for designs ive envisioned on my own. I take my time, i wait to feel that burning sensation of desire. When i purchase it has usually been months (sometimes years) since i laid eyes on it.

It is the case with the petra garter tank from Kayleigh Peddie. 

I discovered Kayleigh Peddie's lingerie when i started recognizing lingerie companies that gave social media love and support to their fans/customers whether they had 30K or 300 followers. And when i understood the designer worked from my hometown i heard angels sing.

Handmade to order ethical fashion and edgily erotic i watched 3 collections unveil before i took the plunge. And finally ordered the white fishnet ensemble i had been dreaming about. But also some tie straps black mesh and a neon green tiger that she had just dropped... 

It took 6 business days from "your order has been accepted" to "your order has been shipped". 

No fancy box, just a black soft envelope, with inside my 4 items wrapped in black silk paper, their signature look on a sticker-stamp crowning it and 4 cards-postcards giving you visuals of what is to be revealed.

I've come a long way since my first review. I still touch the fibers and rejoice (when available) in the quality of the fabric. But now i also look in the craftsmanship, each hem, fold, the finish, the lining, the symmetry, the adjustability and with  Kayleigh Peddie that was just the préliminaires. 

The fit feels perfect. Im a 36a and the medium bralette and garter tank are just snug enough to feel the pleasure of wearing the beauties without leaving elastic branding so often occurring with mesh, microfibers, bamboo jersey and fishnet. 

My waist/hip ratio has unusual proportions. It very seldom fits both without adjustable straps on the bottom but this time everyone is happy. My waist is 27 inches, around the hip bones makes 33 and at the widest makes 39. The Small Anja and basic cut thong fit like gloves. Not just for time of a lingerie photoshoot but a whole day and night of sitting and moving around, dancing and having to look (and feel) our best. 

Im usually a black or nude lingerie girl. I have an imposing red and black tattoo and fear clashing with unorthodox patterns or colors. So i was the first to be surprised about the neon yellow green tiger print i ordered. 

First, the Anja thong. The cut is so flattering. My legs feel endless, my hip bones are free and the V shape is excellent curve enhancing architecture. The black mesh is very see through but the show stopper is the animal print. From the pelvic bone to the tail, the goods are covered with it: a funky wild untamed feline!! And thats just how it made me feel. Highligthed... Wild and free! Dangerous and fun. Sexy. With a secret smile... but oh! sooo very sexy.

So much so, it took me 24hours to order the missing pieces to complete my set. yeah i (was) am hooked. and that was only the thong.

The Dreamer bra fits like charm. its Sheer to a provocative degree. long bows falling from the shoulders romantically with a rose between the breast. I chose my rose mine black. it was green leaves. matches incredibly well with the untamed animal bellow... but i ordered her matching side-tie thong with black roses again so combinations will be wild romantic and limitless ;)

Kayleigh Peddie white fishnet is, in my collection, the softest and most comfortable one by far. Its in the composition of the fabric (90% nylon, 10% spandex). And the design and garter buckles themselves. The later are gold plated and very small. But sturdy enough to hold up cotton/wool stockings. The adjustability of the garment is also wide and strong i.e. it didn't loosened up after excessive wear or movement which is often the case with so many companies.

The basic high cut thong is just as perfect and is lined with a bamboo jersey soft as a cloud. And together they make this new entity, almost a wonderful body, which must be close to how the Petra body must feel. 

I can't wait for the Ava crop top, the Estelle garter belt and dreamer thong to get home. I have a feeling the match and mix possibilities will be endless.... but also with other companies like hopeless and the end...

This is the beginning of a beautiful lingerie adventure. Thank you Kayleigh Peddie for making this girl feel, not only dreamy comfortable, but sizzling in hotness and able to express sensuality with confidence and personality.

And that to me is very special and something money can't buy...

Monday, October 15, 2018

House of Bordelle

Gia Shelf Bra M
Harness Thong S
Amaya Adjustable Garters
Atelier Bordelle
(London, England)

The art of seduction at its most sumptuous. BordelleGirls are lingerie's new BondGirls. Beautiful, bold and dangerous. It was just a dream, like test-driving a Ferrari, and then it became a chapter in my lingerie storybook. 

It started with envy and lust. And then a gift card on my birthday. Then Kezia, Bordelle's special agent, helped me so kindly with sizing and other important details. So when my Bordelle crossed the pond and was delivered at work, it literally knocked me off my feet.

I took my time, like decanting a prized wine and every details was an enchantment.
The black thick luxury gift box was was wrapped by their signature bondage lingerie strap,  bows and 24K plated gold hardware. Inside the box was a black silk sachet containing my Lingerie. I laid everything before me scrutinizing every stitch, fold, O-ring, eye, hook, adjusting patiently my straps... 

The Caramel color was just a feast to the eye, melting perfectly on the skin with shimmer of the 24k gold . The mesh is so fine and elastic, the satin straps allow a huge range of fitting possibility. I just couldnt wait to try on my treasure. 

The Gia Shelf bra is a quarter cup bra with a satin elastic frame. At first the rigidity of the bra surprised me, very structural and almost corset-like. I thought it would make it restrictive and uncomfortable. Was i ever wrong. The soft lining places securely the brassiere as you wish on the chest, putting your breast on an exquisite pedestal. The O-rings are the thickest i've ever seen. Thick and heavy. Feels great on the skin. I usually fit a 34b or a 36a, and the Medium size is just plain heaven in comfort. The ribs straps can be adjusted as you desired, and so can the ones on the top of the breasts. Whichever ways you choose. I found to have never loved my bosom as i do wearing Gia. 

The Harness thong gives a sublime view from the back with 5 straps attached to O-ring crowning a strategically placed bow. It hugs your hip bones follows the pubic bones bellow the navel where its met with the harness attached to a smaller o-ring. The harness can be worn to the waist or let to fall on the hips' flesh. The thong straps are perfectly adjustable (again) either way...

The Ring of O is a specially designed ring which has been worn as a distinctive mark among BDSM practitioners, mainly in continental Europe — and especially the German-speaking countries — since the 1990s. Its use is relatively widespread within this subculture. Its name derives from the name of the central female character in the classic BDSM novel Story of O (written by Pauline Réage), who was a sex slave and wore an analogous ring.

those O-rings... Even bigger on the Amaya adjustable garters, in the center of 3 straps. I can wear them at the knee, on the thickest most muscular part of my thigh, and even by my inner thigh, where the leg begins, framing the body in a majestic fashion .

I took 3 weeks to write my review. Wanted to make sure my judgement was not clouded by my lascivious excitement. And lust is turning into love. I just long to wear my Bordelle. 

Such a selfish pleasure, make me feel like incredible because of the tactile quality of fabric and craftsmanship. Let's not kid ourselves, the price is also very high, but expectations are met and surpassed. Ethics on sustainability are also respected, everything about the brand is at it's finest.

House of Bordelle is empowering, a sure investment and most sinful decadence.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

nude & delicate

Apollonia M
(Warsaw, Poland)

sometimes im romantic
sometimes im soft and fragile
sometimes i dissolve in dreams and im loved by magic
i saw this bodysuit and it made me long for my lover
the utopic one that is
the one that stays and takes me on surprise getaways

that! i lived it when i saw Apollonia

so i put it on my wishlist, and 5 months later i'm waiting impatiently for FedEx to ring the doorbell.

i should know then to dream about love... never been very lucky

i get a broken black box by FedEx! i looked at it for so long just so sad and a little mad... only
to open it and find inside of it a black bow silk paper wrapped sweet smaller package

this one impeccable
and perfect
revealing yet another box, drawer like, black, sexy, protective and expensive
my heart is racing

love is rushing

this gift to myself is turning out to be magnificient

the Apollonia bodysuit
nude and ornamented with mini dots (loved the petits trous / the brand"s name), very high cut on the hips up to the waist and finished with small gold "o" rings for the tied straps. yes "o" rings. i love that so much also. i find it makes it seductive and adds to the delicate nature of the fabric.

It feels like you are wearing nothing at all.. It looks like you were body painted with shadows. Side breast, ribs and hip bones are supper exposed. but yet it feels sweet almost innocent in its exhibition.

Of course i moved in it, dancing, rolling, stretching. Everything stays in place if you adjust the straps properly. i find if you tie up enough it creates and empty space by the sacrum and underneath the breast that allows the light to give a visual sense of the quality of the fabric.

i love intelligent lingerie. this is one of them. surprising. comfortable, i felt cared for, in the finest of details, makes me wish i owned more pieces...

Friday, July 20, 2018

mon histoire d'O

Bonte Size 2
la fille d'O

You know, when you wish upon every star you see, when you pray God and the Devil, when you full moon ritual and black and white magic for one particular thing. And somehow the stars align and you can actually hold the object of your desire in this realm. The anticipation becomes unbearably; you are sure to be disappointed. But you are not. Never even close.  And everything is just better than expected. Even after...

I had not. But one day while lurking through images i came across a picture of  a lingerie collection by la fille d'O. The briefs were sophisticatedly provocative but its how the model moved in them that was screaming freedom. The seed was planted.

It was like that feeling you get when you see something you have to have. That you need to have. But no clue on how on earth is that going to be possible.

That was 2 years ago. I thought it was out of my league. Yes i was intimidated. But i couldn't look away. Desire was making roots.

My interest for undergarments grew. I started reading lingerie blogs. And came across one particular post which was describing the ethical fight the visionary behind la fille d'O was facing. Made me feel like i was on my way to do the same for my life, so i wanted to know more about Murielle Victorine Scherre.

So i peeked around her collections on her website. I was choked and seduced. The wisdom in the sexuality her designs portrayed made me uncomfortable. But i couldn't look away.  The desire was blooming.

My life changed and all of the sudden i was explaining sexuality to my daughter and had to assume my own beliefs. Assume, and practice! The talk had to match the walk. Individuality. Ethics. Love. Lust. Respect. And there i was. Healing. My daughter was teaching me. How to be the woman i needed to be. Even after the storm, the desire was still there.

And then, one day, i had the guts to make a wishlist. Of lingerie i had been lurking on. When i made this list public, la fille d'O contacted me right away. Even reposted my desire.
Now im not a popular lingerie model. Im a former biochemist turned acrobat who became a single mother flamenco dancer and who makes a living working in a boxing gym as a gyrokinesis and kinesiological stretching trainer. Lingerie is a selfish pleasure i shouldn't indulge in. But its who i am. So i indulge. And angels sings in my heart. And they make sweet love to my demons and they cant get enough.

But thats another story.

I ordered Bonte on June's fullmoon. A week later she was home.

The most beautiful packaging i ever laid eyes on. Intact from travelling across the atlantic ocean and through customs. Protected by a solid cardboard envelope, the Belgium asymmetric black package ended up on my Mile End apartment floor. And it was gorgeous. Unexpected. Surprising. Interested in little me! it felt - A personal note was hand written by Annika... to me! I cant decifer it but it felt like a love letter. And you see i never received any love letter... less so accompanied by such an erotic presentation... and even lesser so with anything even remotely close to what was hiding in the multiply folded black silk paper letter.


In all her beauty.

Was laying in front of me.

Finally. I was about to be consumed whole by my desire.

It took me a moment to figure her out. I was touching her so delicately. She was mysterious and building up tension. But when i comprehended how to put her on, what she wanted where, in the right sequence, she embraced my body like a desiring lover. We held there. In bliss. Alone. Sun-setting. Perfect.

I havent recovered yet.

I hope i never do.

Je suis enfin une fille d'O.

So Grateful

Thursday, June 7, 2018


Tanya set in black S
Sofia set in beige S


Im not new at life but maybe at satisfying myself. My lingerie addiction represents  exactly that. It was a challenge to first accept this need that i had unfairly labelled selfish and vain. It was an even bigger one to write about my experience wearing lingerie and sharing images of my unperfect body in such lovely pieces. But it has actually revealed itself therapeutic in so many ways. 

Having accomplished a few personnal milestones im realizing that im facing a new one now. Im far from being a haute couture connoisseur or a lingerie expert. What i know about lingerie is only how it makes me feel when i see it, when i touch it, when i put it on my skin, when i move in it and how it leaves me when i remove it. Its a new found intimacy. A self love. But it is also responsible for how differently i carry myself since i have embraced my lingerie fetish.

That being said, i must confess, this review was the hardest to write so far. Discovering what i prefer and what i need about intimates is fun and exciting. Finding out what i like a little less is not so fun. Money issues aside not liking something always brings an amount of guilt back to light. And searching for the reasons why, was i guess, my challenge at this time. Which of course i accepted gladly. I want to continue growing and learning and evolving, and comfort zones are meant to be surpassed because life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

So here is how this Scandinavian company entered my lingerie drawer.

Not sure why, but i wanted my next intimates purchase incognito, new and easy. Do i now regret it? We should never regret. But if im being honest, maybe i am a little. Maybe for the fit. Maybe because i've tasted handmade and customed made lingerie and that intimacy is incomparable. It fits like a glove. It leaves no marks on your skin but the softest pleasures. But when i saw OW under garments, i wanted them because they looked great and chic with an architectural design that seemed great for movement. So again do i regret it? Only for the inflexibility of the fitting. But the more i think of it, the more i know the fit is everything.

So, I ordered 2 sets: a bralette and its matching pantie. From checkout to shipment delivery , 4 long weeks crawled by. No duty fee. All wrapped in individual cellophane sachets.

Always the black set first
So i tried on the black set. First.

The Tanya bralette opens in the front with a thin pretty silver closure. The shoulder straps are thin and delicate, soft and comfortable. They dont cut into the skin at all. They continue to the front following the edge of the bralette cups, creating a harness-like effect, very flattering to my little chest. I usually wear a 34b, so in the company's size chart it represents a Small, but its a little too snugged for my taste. And since the underbust is not adjustable im stuck in need of 2 extra cms. May be if the band was more giving and the elastic band allowing more range... but its not. And it leaves red too tight marks on the sensitive chest skin.

The brief falls high on the hip bones creating longer legs. The large waist band there is very securing for movement. But this time its a little too loose to my taste. So i have to wear it higher than how it was designed for.

Both are made of this black very see through material. It is also very thin. Not in a fragile sense. More in a confidently provocative kind of way. It contrasts with the underbust and waist bands that are thick and opaque. 

Now i was ready for the beige set.

So if you can imagine that same quality of a fabric but in the most gorgeous nude rosé colour. It completly melts with the tone of my skin. Luck? Maybe. I needed some.
Nonetheless, the same sizing dissatisfactions occurred for the bralette; its a bit too snugged for my taste. And the waistband is too loose on the lower hip bones.

They both have the same straps design. The doubling elastic bands wrap the rib cage and the hip bones. The elastic is a bit too rigid. As for the Tanya set, if the elastic was more flexible, had a higher range of motion, it would be more comfortable and probably would also fit a wider range of shapes.

So moral of this story, the aesthetics are sweet but the fit is to be improved . Lingerie is teaching me that sometimes its forever. Sometimes its not. And that's just the way it is. It really is a question of willingness, flexibility, quality and taste.